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Types of Writing

Determining the type of writing you will need to do, will help you determine your topic (subject), purpose (why you are writing), style (how you should write) and tone (your attitude toward your subject - supportive, condeming, objective, etc.)

Traits of Effective Writing:
Although the type of writing you will be doing is important, the following are certain traits that ALL good writing follow:

  • Stimulating Ideas
  • Logical Organization
  • Engaging Voice
  • Original Word Choice
  • Effective Sentence Style
  • Correct, Accurate Copy

book cover imageSee pages 21-26 in your Writer's, INC. for detailed descriptions and writing samples that will help you become familiar with each of these traits. The assessment rubrics for each type of types of writing listed below are based on these 6 traits of effective writing.

Types of Writing:

*Note: When you have determined what type of writing you will be doing, click on each link to find out more about each stage in the process or click on the navigation menu above.