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Cause/Effect Essay

Writing about meaningful relationships between events and their results. A cause is what made an event happen and an effect is what happens as a result of that event.

thumbs up graphicGood Cause/Effect:

  • Clearly distinguishes between a cause and an effect.
  • Establishes a clear thesis statement.
  • Presents information in an effective order.

Exercises, Handouts:
Cause/Effect Prewriting Organizer (PDF document) - this can help you gather and organize your ideas specifically when working on a Cause/Effect essay.

Sample Cause/Effect Essay:
Student Writing Sample - click on the link to see a sample of a cause/effect essay.

Sample Rubric:
checklist graphicCause/Effect Writing Rubric (PDF document) - use this checklist to self-edit your cause/effect essay.

book cover imageCheck pages 205-207 in Writer's, INC. if you think you need help with any one of the criteria on the rubric.

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