Software Tutorials

Here are some other technical resources that may help you as you take our classes.

They will be updated as we receive requests, so if you do not see the information you need, please let us know: Mahalo!


Our Distance Learning courses are delivered using Blackboard. Click here for a tutorial handout that shows you how the Blackboard tools work. Once you're in your course you'll find a short navigation video to show where things are in the course.

Hawaiian Keyboard

Did you know you can add the ‘okina and kahakō to correctly display your Hawaiian words by activating a Hawaiian keyboard on your Windows or Apple computer?  Once you install the keyboard you need to turn it on. Then on a Windows machine, you'll press the right-Alt key on your keyboard plus a vowel to create the kahakō, on a Mac you press the Option key then the letter.  It's easy once you you've done it a few times!  Here are some resources that can help you. 

For a handout for Windows 7, 8, 10 or Mac OS X and iOS click HERE.   

For YouTube videos on installing Hawaiian Keyboards for:
Windows XP or Vista  click HERE 
iPad users:   click HERE  
iPhone users: click HERE 


This Flash-animated tutorial covers the basics of recording audio files with your headset and how to export files in .mp3 format.

Click here view
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