Technology FAQs

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about using your computer and the web for your courses. Click any of the links below or scroll down to see what's here.  If you have a question we haven't answered here please let us know at so we can answer it for you and others. Mahalo!  Please also visit our Tips and Tutorials page for more help.

Registration and Login FAQs

Blackboard FAQs

Logging in and Passwords
Viewing Content
Discussion Board and Voice Board

Registration and Login Questions

Q:  I had a KSDL account for an Aʻo Makua Course. Do I have to create a new username and password or can I use the old one?  If I can use the old one how can I find out what it was?

A:  You have two different accounts as an A’o Makua learner:

1.    Your GoSignMeUp Registration System account:

As of June 2014 we have a new registration system called GoSignMeUp, and everyone will need to create a NEW GoSignMeUp account.  You can use the same email address as you used before; we just ask that you use an email address that you frequently check.  

2.    Your Blackboard Course Management System account

Your Blackboard username and password will be the same as it was before.
•    Username:  is your email address
•    Password:  is whatever you changed it to
OR if you did not change it yet, refer to the Welcome email set when you registered for your first course

Q:  I can’t remember my username or password. 

A:  The GoSignMeUp registration system and Blackboard each have a “Forgot password” link on the login page.  For Blackboard, your username is the email you registered with unless you are a KS employee in which case it’s your KS username.




Login and Password

Q:  I can’t seem to login to Blackboard. What should I do?

A:  Please try again and make sure you are using the information below.

Non-KS employees
Username: the email you registered with
Password: your Blackboard password

KS employees
Username: your KS username
Password: your KS password



Tip:  Some problems are avoided or fixed by using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer.  If something doesn’t work, try another browser or try restarting your computer.

Q:  Who can I contact for help if I don’t understand something or have a technical problem?

A:  You can contact your kumu (teacher) or  
Click the Instructor button on the course navigation menu for the contact information.  

Instructor course button


Q:  I’m able to login to Blackboard but I don’t know where to go next.

A:  Once you login and the Blackboard course opens. Look on the right side of the page for the name of your course. Click on the course name to go to the course.

Click link to enter class

Q:  I forgot my password, what shall I do?

A:  Non-KS staff, please click on the “forgot password” link on the Blackboard login page. If you still need help email  KS staff please email ITS to request help. 

Q:  How do I change my password?

A:  Once you log in to Blackboard click the Personal Information link in the Tools box on the left side of the BB opening page.  Click Change PasswordType your new password twice.  Click Submit.

Personal info screenshot    Click Change Password   Enter  new password

Q:  Can I use my tablet or smartphone to participate in the course?

A: The only course that is currently mobile compatible is Pauahi Lani Nui.  For all other courses, some aspects of the courses may not be mobile compatible, depending on whether your mobile device enables Flash and Java.  

Mobile-compatible: Discussion board, quizzes, viewing text on pages
NOT mobile compatible on iPad and iPhone: Viewing audio presentations that we created using Adobe Presenter, Voice Board posting


Viewing Content

Q.  Yipes!  My course menu disappeared and I can't click on anything to move around.

A:  No problem!  You accidentally clicked one of the < buttons on the side or top of the course menu.  This collapses the menu and gives you more viewing space in the main window.  To expand it again, find the < button on the left margin of your Blackboard window and click it again. 

Open and close course menu

Q:  Sometimes when I open a course page there are empty boxes instead of images. I’m asked if I want to view all content or just secure content. What should I do

A:  This is a security measure in Internet Explorer. Click view all content.  The contents of these courses is secure, and it will allow all images to display. We’d appreciate you letting us know this happened at

Q:  When I clicked a link for a book (PDF), I was blocked and couldn’t view it.

A:  The first time you open a book (PDF) link for a book or chapter, or go to a new website you may see a message at the top of your browser window or a popup box asking for permission to open the site or application, For example, a PDF my bring up this message the first time... “Adobe Reader is blocked for this site”.  This is a routine security measure.  Click to allow the site or application to open.

Q:  How can I save a PDF book or chapter on my computer

A:  You can click on a PDF link to open it on your computer screen.  To download it, click the download button in the upper right corner of the PDF window.  OR instead of clicking to open it, right-click the name of the PDF and choose Save link as… or Save target as… or Save File as.., depending whether you're using Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer.  In the Save in window choose your Desktop or wherever you choose to save your course files.

Q:  How do I view or read a book chapter linked to the Ulukau library? I click a chapter link and there are only words, no pictures

A:  Some of the readings in these courses are from the free library and can be read online.  To view both pictures and text, click the [Original Images] link below the first chapter of the table of contents (pink highlighted link below).

Click Original Images to view the reading


Audio Problems

Q:  I clicked on a PowerPoint lesson and it plays but I cannot hear anything and it says “No audio” at the bottom of the slides.

A:  This is sometimes a problem with Macs. Please close the presentation window, then click on its link to open it again.  You may need to do it several times to make it work. 

No audio message on PPTs     Image - click PowerPoint show linlks

If that doesn't work you can also try clicking on the button to refresh your browser, that is,  reloading the web page, then clicking on the presentation link again. Please contact us at if this doesn’t work for you.

refresh browser button

Q:  Do I have to buy a headset?

A:  If you are in an ‘ōlelo (language) class, it’s strongly recommended that you have a headset mic to make your audio clearer, but you can use the microphone on your computer if you do not have a headset mic.

Q:  How do I get my headphones to work? I can’t hear anything.  Sometimes I want to record but nothing is being recorded.  

A:  Whether you’re using a headset or your computer’s built-in microphone and speakers, the proper device has to be selected in order to listen or record. It usually happens automatically, but if it doesn’t, here are handouts on using a headset on a:

Windows machine:headset_Windows2014.pdf
Mac: headset_Mac2014.pdf

Note:  Sometimes simply quitting and reopening Blackboard or shutting down then restarting your computer helps. 


Video Problems

Q:  The avatars aren’t playing, there’s just an empty space where they should be.

A: The avatars work with Flash software so they won’t work on an Apple mobile device or if your Flash is not updated. Try installing or if you have it already, updating your Flash Player * and trying again.

Q:  I clicked a video link and it’s not playing.

A: Some of the videos in the courses are created by persons and organizations outside Kamehameha Schools and viewed in the course only with their permission.  For these videos you may need to enter a specific username and password provided in the course.  Other videos may require you to install or update your version of Flash player * (free) or Java**. .

* Flash    To install or update Flash Player click HERE
** Java    To install Java   Windows  for  Mac      Update Java for Windows or for Mac

Discussion Boards and Voice Boards

Q:  How can I add a photo or a short video to my Discussion Board post?

A:  Photos and videos are great for adding meaning to your message.  
Click the photo or video button on the Discussion Board toolbar.  Find it on your computer and double-click to insert it.  Click the Submit button when you’re done.

Add photo or video to DB post

Q:  When I click the Voice Presenter a blackboax opens with a link that says Java is blocked or needs updating.

A:  Click the lnk to update your Java and try again.
If it doesn’t work, you can continue without updating Java if you wish.  Click on the black area of the Java warning box..  

java warning 

In FireFox click Allow Once or Allow and Remember to proceed without updating Java.

Image - Click Allow or Allow and Remember

In Internet Explorer click Show all Content.

Image - Show all content

In the next dialog box choose to update Java later   click Later and continue

Q:  No matter what I do I cannot record in the Voice Presenter.

A:  If you’ve followed the above directions and it still doesn’t work, please check with your kumu to see if you can record yourself using another program and send the link or the audio file to your kumu by email.  One easy to use and free site for doing this is http:/

Vocaroo record pic  vocaroo save pic

Q:  I did the Voice Presenter recording but it’s not showing up and I wasn’t given credit for it.

A:  You may have forgotten to click the Post button after you recorded or closed the window before it completed the transmission.  It’s also possible that you posted as a response to someone else, and it shows up under their post.

Posted under another learner 
Email your kumu and request help in checking for this and moving your post.

Reminder:  make sure your  name is part of the title of the recording. 

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