Tutorials & Presentations

The following presentations relate to Hawaiian culture and history, and are presented in PowerPoint format. You do not need PowerPoint to view these tutorials.

Kalo and the Hawaiian People

The story of Hāloa, the first Hawaiian is told in this presentation as an introduction to a brief look at the importance of taro in the Hawaiian culture as well as propagation methods.

Kalo: A Staple Crop

This presentation is nearly identical to Kalo & The Hawaiian People, the difference is that a short summary of the Hāloa story is given.

The Kapu System

This presentation provides an overview of the traditional kapu system with an emphasis on its role in conservation measures in old Hawai‘i.

Hawaiians and their New World

This presentation looks at the traditional system of land division in old Hawai‘i with a focus on the ahupua‘a as a basis for the subsistence economy once practiced by the people of Hawai‘i.

Land Divisions of Hawai‘i

This presentation looks at the way land was divided in old Hawai‘i as well as vegetative land zones as they are known today. An accompanying worksheet with a picture of Moanalua Gardens Foundation’s map of the traditional names for zones and modern land zones asks viewers to compare the two.

Lo‘i Introduction

Designed for use with a field trip to Punalu‘u lo‘i, this presentation focuses on how a lo‘i works by touring the Punalu‘u lo‘i.

Nā Akua

This presentation provides a brief look at the Hawaiian religion by learning about the four main gods, aumakua, and the Hawaiian view of life after death.

Nā Ali‘i

This presentation looks at the ali‘i or chiefly class in old Hawai‘i in terms of roles and responsibilities.

Nā Ha‘uki Hawai‘i: Sports

A brief look at traditional Hawaiian games.

Nā Mokupuni ‘o Hawai‘i

A quick look at the 8 main Hawaiian islands and some facts, that leads viewers to creating a introduction about themselves in Hawaiian. There is an accompanying worksheet that also helps viewers to complete their introduction.

‘Ōlelo Hawai‘i Introduction

This provides a brief introduction to the Hawaiian language with a focus on the alphabet and pronunciation.

Pī‘āpā: Hawaiian Alphabet

A different version of the ‘Ōlelo Hawai‘i Introduction, provided for another ‘Ike Hawai‘i course.

Taro Today

A look at taro in Hawai‘i today in terms of production, demand, and problems encountered by growers.

The History of Land in Hawai‘i

A look at traditional land tenure in Hawai‘i, the changes brought about by the Great Mahele, and land ownership and kuleana based on the Hawai‘i State Admissions Act.

The First Hawaiian

The story of Hāloa, the first Hawaiian.

This is a…What? Hawaiian Plants and Their Uses

A brief look at some of the commonly known plants today and their traditional Hawaiian uses

Nā Mea Pā‘ani: Hawaiian Games

A brief look at traditional Hawaiian games.