photo credit: Michael Young

"This course has helped me to reevaluate the way I teach math.  I need to find ways to incorporate authentic learning experiences into my lessons on mathematical concepts, especially concepts that can seem irrelevant to students lives, or concepts that are incredibly abstract.  I want to spend some time this summer finding and designing new ways to make the mathematical concepts I teach more relevant to my students' lives.  If I could create a Moenaha for each unit I teach in my math classes, students could learn concepts that extend beyond just a general understanding of a mathematical concept."
~Johnalyn, 2nd & 3rd Grade Hawaiian Immersion School

"My greatest success throughout this course was realizing the importance of PLCʻs (Professional Learning Community) and PLNʻs (Personal Learning Network).  I try to lead a pretty private life as much as I can here in Hawaiʻi.  I was kind of against Facebook and Twitter.  But by being in this class, Iʻve realized how beneficial opening myself up to these kinds of networks can be for me professionally."
~Chris, 1st Grade

"This course allowed me to open my eyes and help me find the inner teacher that I want to be. I look forward to continuing on this route for my next school year. I would like to spend some time this summer planning authentic units for my students this next school year. I want them to be able to work together in order to learn and teach each other. I look forward to seeing how this helps my students to build relationships while learning. "
~Kathleen, Preschool

photo credit: Michael Young

"I expressed enthusiasm with my e-Portfolio and I think my colleagues could sense that positivity. Based on our rich discussions, I believe it opened an avenue for our grade level to truly consider authentic-based learning, CBE (culture-based education), and 21st Century skills in our planning for next school year."
~Kristel, 5th Grade

photo credit: Michael Young

"The biggest thing I would say I learned from this course is the value of collaboration and peer feedback.  I know sometimes I am a little shy and I don’t like sharing things for others to comment on.  I’m more of a taker, I see ideas I like and I take them and incorporate them into my own classroom.  But this course taught me that it’s a give and take and really forced me to participate in that interaction through our hui work and through our PLN (Personal Learning Network) assignment."

"The last thing I feel like this course really reminded me about is the importance of bringing family and culture into the school world.  The more involved a family is the more it benefits the student.  I liked that this course encouraged us to incorporate students’ backgrounds into their learning and having their family assist in the process."                                                          
~An, 2nd Grade


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