Q. How much do the courses cost?
A. At this time, all courses are provided free.

Q. Are there any requirements?
A. Participants must have access to a computer with reliable internet access. Participants must be able to implement lessons with students and complete a portfolio to earn PD credit.

Q. Who should participate in this program?
A. Educators who are interested in learning and practicing CBE & 21st century teaching skills focusing on the integration of technology.

Q. Who may enroll in these courses?

A. Educators from the Hawai‘i DOE, Ho‘olako Like Charter Schools, and KS are eligible to enroll in these courses. Please contact us at ksdl@ksbe.edu for more information.

Q. How often are courses offered?
A.  Foundational courses, (FI and FII) will be offered every fall and spring semester to make it easier for educators to plan their lesson integrations.

Q. Do I have to take the courses in order?
A. Yes. All participants must complete Foundational courses - Culture-Based Education & 21st Century Skills Introduction (FI) and Culture-Based Education & 21st Century Skills In-Depth Application (FII) in order.

Q. Do I need to teach a certain grade level or content area to take this course?
A. No, the course is applicable to educators of all subject areas and grade levels.

Q. What if I don't teach Hawaiian culture?
A. You only need to be able to integrate the resources provided into your existing curriculum. The resources we provide are meant to be used as a complement to your curriculum, no matter what you are teaching.

Q. If I take one of the courses or an A‘o Makua course, can I use the material in my own classroom?
A.  You are able to show videos or other resources from the course to your students using your own Blackboard account to access the course and show within the context of the course. We do not permit downloading or recording the videos to redistribute to those who are not enrolled in the course.  If you distribute any materials, such as worksheet activities, you must retain copyright attribution on the materials to provide appropriate credit to Kamehameha Schools or other partners.  

Q. Who do I contact if I have questions?
A. Please e-mail ksdl@ksbe.edu or call 842-8877.

Q. How do DOE Educators register?
A. All Hawai‘i DOE educators are encouraged to enroll for these courses through the KS online registration form AND the Professional Development system (PDE3). See registration info here.

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