Our classes clearly show the ways in which culture-based education and 21st century skills overlap and how you can easily integrate both into your classroom. The focus is on teaching through the culture, in order to increase student engagement and learner impact. For educators who are already familiar with culture-based education, our instructors will work with you to personalize instruction and focus on the seamless integration of CBE & 21st century skills.

The classes are aligned to iNACOL standards, ISTE Teacher Standards, and the Moenahā Culture-Based Framework. You will have access to graphical organizers that help you identify ways in which culture-based education can help you meet CCSS and other relevant standards. We emphasize working in a collaborative learning environment, including ongoing participation in a professional learning community.

Learners will have opportunities to learn about emerging technologies and how they are effectively used in online and face-to-face learning environments. Each course requires the building of a learning portfolio consisting of three lessons, student evidence, and reflections that showcase what they have learned in this course.

Note: The courses are eight weeks. However, the course end date in PDE3 reflects four additional weeks for the portfolio review.

Culture-based Education & 21st Century Skills Introduction (Foundation 1)
3 DOE PD Credits

Learners will seamlessly integrate 21st century skills with culture-based educational frameworks to impact students. The course will teach basic distance learning skills used within the course and in a larger online professional development community. The course is offered online, with the exception of a face-to-face orientation.

Culture-Based Education & 21st Century Skills In-Depth Application (Foundation II)
3 DOE PD Credits

*Foundation I is a prerequisite for Foundation II

Learners will build upon concepts learned in Foundation I, and focus on the remaining elements in the CBE & 21st century skills matrix to continue the journey deeper into culture-based pedagogy. Additionally, learners will explore authentic learning frameworks, and promote and model digital citizenship. This course is offered completely online (no in-person orientation); however, participants are required to participate in synchronous and asynchronous online collaborations.

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